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Year 2004
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Country United Kingdom


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Crush was a UK children's TV game show on the BBC. Friends, parents or teachers of a young person in primary school secretly approach the BBC to tell them about rumours of a crush the kid has on a classmate.

The BBC then organizes for the program's presenters, Barney Harwood and Jean Anderson to visit the school, along with a camera crew and program team. One of the presenters enters the classroom, says a few words to the teacher and then makes an announcement to the class, calling out the chosen girl or boy to the front to ask them about the alleged crush. Then the person of his or her affection is also called out, and the two of them together with four friends are asked if they want to play Crush to win a 'dream date'.

The game would take place in the school hall where a small brightly coloured stage backdrop with red heart-shaped curtains has been set up for recording.

There are a total of four rounds, with up to 25 points available in each of the first three rounds (which often involve questions about teachers, family members, friends or simple tasks), and with many more points in the last round to help catch up. The players must score at least 100 points to win the 'dream date' for all the players - otherwise they get to do a chore instead.

One of the games included their friends having to put their hands in gross things such as slugs or spaghetti hoops in order to get heart shaped objects for which they would score 25 points for each heart they would get.
The show once included a game in which the headteacher was humiliated by having custard pies thrown at them.

In the end if they scored 100 points or more they and their friends would usually be driven in style to their 'dream date'.

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