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Year 1999
Channel channel
Country United Kingdom

See it Saw it

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See It Saw It was a Children's BBC game show about a king who rules over the kingdom of "Much Jollity-On-The-Mirth".

The programme was filmed entirely in the studio with an audience of children who at various points in the show would be asked an observation question by the King, which they would answer by climbing on board a giant see-saw. The majority answer would be indicated by which way the see-saw tipped. The show's main catchphrase was "Did you see it?" asked by the king, to which the audience would shout back, "We saw it!".

The show starred:

Mark Speight
(The King - all series)

Natasha Collins
(See - Series 1)

Kate Crossley
(See - Series 2 & 3)

Philip Fox
(Saw - all series)

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