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Year 1999
Channel channel
Country United Kingdom
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Jungle Run

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Jungle Run was a television programme which first aired on CITV as part of the ITV Network. It is a game show similar to The Krypton Factor and The Crystal Maze. Since it began, the show has had three presenters, Dominic Wood, Chris Jarvis and Michael Underwood.

In the game, a team of young explorers make their way through five places in the jungle (4 for the celebrity guests). In each destination, they have to collect silver monkey statues which gives them an extra ten seconds of time (and twenty seconds of time if they manage to find the ruby, often seen at Pyramid Maze and Lost Cave) inside the Temple of the Jungle King.

In some editions between 20032005, the show featured celebrity teams playing, including some of the cast of Emmerdale, Coronation Street, My Parents Are Aliens, and Girls In Love. Also, boy band Triple 8 made an appearance on a Christmas special in 2003 (for which the Sacred Idols were replaced with present sacks).

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