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Year 1996
Channel channel
Country United Kingdom

Bug Alert!

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Bug Alert! was about a group of bugs (puppets) who lived in the kitchen of a house.

The Bugs were

Grub Bug - The head bug who loved created various disgusting food in the kitchen

Mystic mug bug - A parody of Mystic Meg. Mystic Mug was always looking into her crystal ball and telling interesting facts.

Plug Bug - Plug Bug had a large nose and lived in the sink.

Doodle Bug - Doodle Bug lived in the rubbish bin and made various items out of rubbish.

Buggins - A cheerful worm like bug who spoke with a liverpool accent.

Grunge and Slop - Two hippy bugs who lived in the cupboard under the stairs.

Gorgon and Zola - Two furry bugs who constantly told rubbish jokes.

Series 4 featured the bugs running their own restaurant called 'Bug Bites'

Series 1-3 was shown on GMTV

Series 4 was shown on Channel 4.

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