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Year 1993
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Country United Kingdom
Tags animationsoccer


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Hurricanes was an animated series produced by DIC Entertainment, Siriol Productions and Scottish Television. The show was distributed by BKN for syndication outside of the UK. The series first aired in 1993 and ended in 1997.

The series focused on a fictional soccer team headed by the female inheritor of the teams' legacy, Amanda Carey and their coach, Jock Stone. Stone was notably based on Celtic F.C. manager Jock Stein. During the series, the Hurricanes soccer team would either be battling a renegade soccer league, The Gorgons managed by Stavros Garkos, for pitch supremacy or having wild, unpredictable adventures off the field in exotic world touring locations.

Despite such a lengthy episode number, and a cult following among British football fans who watched it faithfully in reruns during the football seasons, the Hurricanes remains a fairly dormant and minor addition to BKN's library, and its impact worldwide is barely minimum, its most memorable aspect being its theme song ("We're the Hurricanes").

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