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Year 2003
Channel channel
Country United Kingdom

Globo Loco

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Globo Loco is a British children's game show that aired on CITV from 2003 to 2005, presented by Stephen Mulhern. The show featured two teams of children, boys and girls, who tried to predict the outcome of often crazy challenges, each. If their prediction was closest they each won a prize. After all of the challenges, the team that predicted the most correctly would go in to the final round. In the first series the final game was 'Couch Potatoes', the team were sat on a sofa, which was spinning and they had to throw potatoes at television screens and smash them. In the second series the final round was changed to 'The Memory Game'. The team had to try and predict how many items someone, a celebrity or a grown-up, would remember correctly.

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