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Year 1996
Channel channel
Country United Kingdom

Bimble's Bucket

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Bimbles Bucket was an animated cartoon shown on CITV created by Michael Jupp the creator of The Dreamstone and produced by Martin Gates Productions for HTV.

It involved a young male animal (called Foxbits by some fans, as the main character and the other residents of Stiltsville were fox/rabbit hybrids with rabbit ears and fox brushes for tails) named Bimble having a bucket which could grant him wishes. A small green female character called Teenie Weenie lives inside the bucket.

A witch called Dolly Clackhanger would try to steal the bucket from Bimble, many times, for her queen, Kak. She usually sent her gang to steal it. They consist of two Sleazians from Sleaze City who look like punk rockers called Bilge and Oiler, who usually go around on motorised pogo sticks. Dolly also has an odd looking blue creature with green hair called Sploot, who is usually Dolly's guinea pig for her magical experiments.

Queen Kak is also assisted by her tax collector Mudge, another Sleazian wearing a pork pie hat. He would rather perform scientific experiments instead of collecting taxes for the queen, and he dislikes Dolly and her magic.

The show ran for 3 series between 1996 and 1998.

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