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Year 1995
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Country United Kingdom

Scratchy & Co.

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Scratchy and Co starred Mark Speight as "Scratchy" and Elliot Henderson-Boyle as "Reg". Other characters included Annabel and a Scottish girl, both played by comedian and impressionist Ronnie Ancona. The main gimmick of the show was that the cast wore "solid rubber wigs" (not to be confused with the character of "Sam the Lift" in CBBC's Incredible Games) and eccentric jackets. A stylistic similarity might be noted between this approach and Max Headroom.

Later series introduced other characters such as Sedgely the penguin and Fathead the football.

Later on, the series moved away from the original Max Headroom-esque style, into a studio where Scratchy (now minus the rubber wig) sat behind a desk, with Reg behind a window. At this point, guests were invite into the studio and interviewed. However most of the characters which had been introduced earlier were dropped.

Gail Porter was a frequent guest presenter in the third and the fourth (final) series.

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