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Year 1994
Channel channel
Country United Kingdom

It's Droibee Time

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Dreeb & Droib where two nappy wearing space baby Androids who went around on flying Potties.
They where created by us as Hands Up Puppets and I performed, Puppeteered and Voice, Droib who along with Dreeb co-presented "It's Droibee Time" with Sophie Socket, the delightfully talented Sophie Aldred, in the pre-school version of "The Ratkan" for the "Children's Channel".

Whoever remembers this very old pre school show from way back in January - December 1994 this was aired and broadcast lots and lots of years ago this programme and episode was called Its Droibee Time and that was the show that was set on the spaceship it featured Dreeb And Droib the two baby androids if anyone has any full episodes of this show recorded from TV then please could they upload them full episodes onto you tube please from January - December 1994

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