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Year 1994
Channel channel
Country United Kingdom

Monster Cafe

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Monster Cafe is a Children's BBC comedy programme about three monsters working in Monster Cafe where they meet weird monsters, serve weird food and battle with their evil boss, the baroness. The series aired from 1994 - 1995. The Series started to be aired on Cbeebies in November 2007, but after complaints on BBC Message Boards and direct to the BBC regarding how the programme scared young children, it was pulled from the schedule.

Jack Interviews... Isobel Middleton (Monster Cafe)
Calling all monsteeeerrrrrsssss! Well the interviews are coming thick and fast. Not too long ago I wrote about my memories of Monster Cafe...
Jack Remembers... Monster Cafè
It's Halloween so time to remember something aptly spooky. "Monsters! we're heavy and we're hungry, monsters! we're coming your way,...

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