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Year 1989
Channel channel
Country United Kingdom

The Riddlers

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The Riddlers was a British children's programme produced by Yorkshire Television for ITV between 1989 and 1998. The series centred around Marjorie Dawe and the two Riddlers (small humanoid creatures, portrayed by puppets, whose main aim in life was to "riddle things out") named Mossop and Tiddler (female, but voiced by Mike Gallant), who inhabited her garden at Riddleton End. Tiddler was not the latter's real name, but a title given to young apprentice Riddlers: once they achieved full Riddler status there would be a special (graduation type)ceremony, at which they would be given their 'real' name. Tiddler's training included being told stories by a Riddlestone, usually one of 'Ees-Up's Foibles'- she would then have to 'riddle out' the moral of the story. Other characters featured in the show included Marjorie's neighbour, Mr. Montgomery Grimley (a gardener), and another tiddler, known as Middler. Many of the plots featured in the series revolved around the male characters making mistakes which would then be solved by the female ones.

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