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Year 1984
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Country United States

The Transformers

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The Transformers is an animated television series depicting a war among giant robots who could transform into vehicles, other objects and animals. Written and recorded in America, the series was animated in Japan. The entire series was based upon the line of transforming toys originally created by Japanese toy manufacturer Takara, which were developed into the Transformers line by American company Hasbro. The series was later shown in reruns on the Sci Fi Channel as part of Sci Fi Cartoon Quest.

In Japan, the series was called Fight! Super Robot Life Form Transformer for Seasons 1 and 2, and Fight! Transformers 2010 for Seasons 3 and 4. Following the conclusion of the series in 1987, several Japanese-originated sequel series were created.

In response to the 1993 relaunch of the toyline and its accompanying comic being called Transformers: Generation 2, this series and its comic book parallel are frequently referred to by the retronym, Transformers: Generation 1, aka G1. Initially a fan-coined term, it has since made its way into official use.

Top Cast (view more)
Frank Welker
Frank Welker
Galvatron / Blades / Groove / Chromedome
Peter Cullen
Peter Cullen
Optimus Prime / Streetwise / Nightstick / Slugslinger / Wingspan
Jack Angel
Smokescreen / Omega Supreme / Breakdown / Ramjet / Astrotrain / Ultra Magnus / Arcana
Corey Burton
Corey Burton
Spike Witwicky / Shockwave / Sunstreaker / Brawn

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