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Year 1991
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Country United Kingdom


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Grotbags is the name of a fictional witch who was a popular fixture on British children's television during the 1980's and early 1990s. A character sculpted very much in the mould of the traditional pantomime villain, Grotbags has always been played by actress and singer Carol Lee Scott in a costume comprising distinctive vivid green make-up and a witch's cape and hat. The character was created for the series Emu's World, made by Central Independent Television, which was first screened on the ITV network in 1982.

Grotbags' role was largely to act as a nemesis to the good and virtuous character played by actor and puppeteer Rod Hull, often with the hindrance of her two companions, a cowardly crocodile named Croc and a politely-mannered and camp robot butler, Robot Redford. Her presence in the show largely involved threatening to steal Hull's 'pet' Emu and terrorising the children inside The Pink Windmill (Hull's fictional home in the series). The children comprised students from the Corona Academy. Her weapon of choice was a "bazazzer," a gold-coloured arm with an umbrella handle. This was pointed at the offending article or person, and was activated by Grotbags shouting "bazazz!", but it would not inflict any harm upon the recipient. The bazazzer sometimes doubled up as a mobile telephone.

The programme's weekly storyline would usually revolve around a surprise visit from Grotbags or her companions, who would gain entry to the Pink Windmill by ringing the doorbell. This would cause an excited Hull, followed by the children, to dance around chanting "There's somebody at the door, there's somebody at the door"), which provided the show's most memorable catchphrase. An unwitting Hull would then open the door, letting the villain in. However, Grotbags' plans were always seen to fail, a plot device which served to educate younger viewers that good should always triumph over evil.

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