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Year 1995
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Country United Kingdom

Fully Booked

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Fully Booked was a magazine show for children produced by BBC Scotland and broadcast from 1995 to 1999, and in revised form as FBi in 2000. The show was a summer-time replacement for Live & Kicking, which would normally not broadcast over the summer months. However, only the first series of Fully Booked and FBi actually went out on Saturdays, with all other series broadcast on Sundays.

The show launched in spring 1995 as a replacement for Parallel 9. The show was presented by Zo� Ball and Grant Stott, and was set in a fictional hotel. The presenters were joined by actor Paul Brophy, who appeared as a series of comic characters (such as 'Jan Van der Vall', 'Les Vegas' and 'Wee Alistair McAlistair'), and by a large puppet, a talking cow named Morag who was the hotel's receptionist.[1]

In 1996, the show returned in its new Sunday morning slot, with Zoe Ball having been replaced by ex-Neighbours star Sarah Vandenbergh, with Stott, Brophy's characters and Morag all returning. This series was not broadcast live but was 'recorded as-live', meaning that it was recorded in one session and broadcast as if it were a continuous live show (though without any live interactivity). This format was also used for the show's third series in 1997.

Fully Booked was revamped for its 1998 series. A new logo, title sequence and set were introduced, along with a remix of the theme music. The presenters and characters of the show's previous incarnation were all removed, with a new presentation team consisting of Chris Jarvis, Gail Porter and Tim Vincent. The show continued to use the magazine format, with guests, games, features, inserts and music; however, the 'hotel' gimmick was largely dropped in favour of relatively straightforward magazine presentation.

The 1999 series - the last under the Fully Booked name - continued in this new format, but with Gail Porter having decided to quit kids' TV, Kate Heavenor

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