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Year 1999
Channel channel
Country United Kingdom

Sooty Heights

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Sooty Heights is a British children's television series that aired on ITV from September 27th 1999 - December 11th 2000. It replaces Sooty & Co that was presented by Mathew Corbett from 1993-1998. Corbett retired after selling the rights to Sooty. Sooty Heights sees the return of the famous TV puppet, along with friends: Sweep, Soo and Scampi, as the attempt to run a hotel. The presenters of the show are Richard Cadell and Liana Bridges, who co-star with Matthew Corbett in the sixth and final series of Sooty & Co. On Monday 7 January 2008, Sooty Heights received its first repeat run on the CITV Channel. It ran until Friday 8 February and was aired again from April to May. Then, one last time for 2008 in December. It was often shown at 3pm during the time of it being repeated. In the week before Christmas in 2009, both Christmas specials (last episodes of Series 1 & 2) were repeated. In 2001, Sooty Heights was renamed as Sooty. The show was still set in the same hotel, although redecorated. The hotel (but not the show) was then renamed again as 'Hotel Sooty'.

Top Cast
Brenda Longman
Soo (voice) / Dotty

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