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Year 1990
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Country United Kingdom
Tags education

How 2

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The show began in 1966 as How. The series was popular in the 1970s, with Fred Dinenage, Jack Hargreaves, Jon Miller and Bunty James (later replaced by Marian Davies). It was designed to provide answers to questions beginning with the word "How". Each episode began with the presenters all raising one hand and saying "How" simultaneously (playing on the stereotypical Native American greeting). Common topics covered included science, history, mathematics, and simple puzzles. The series came to an end in 1981 when Southern Television lost its ITV franchise, but was revived as How 2 in 1990 by TVS. In 2006 the final series was broadcast, having waited more than a year for transmission.

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Jack interviews... Fred Dinenage
So following on from my interview with former How 2  presenter Gareth Jones which can be found here. I am pleased to present a chat with Fre...

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