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Year 1990
Channel channel
Country United Kingdom

Dappledown Farm

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Dappledown Farm was a British children's television programme, starring Brian Cant and a series of puppets.

Puppet characters in the show included: Dapple the Horse, Mable the Cow, Stubble Mouse, Straw Mouse, Columbus the Cockerel, Lucky Ducky, Colin the Coot, Millie the Moor hen, Fiona the Frog and Harry the Heron. The puppets were created by the Hands Up Puppets company.

It was originally shown as part of TV-AM's children programming from 1990 until the network's demise in 1992. In 1997, Channel 5 comissioned a new series to be made, produced by Meridian to be shown in it's Milkshake strand. It ran until 1999.

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