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Year 1997
Channel channel
Country United Kingdom
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50/50 is a British children's game show that is broadcast on CBBC. Made by BBC Scotland, it was first broadcast in 1997 and the latest series aired in 2005. It has two schools in the UK put forward 50 students. Each child is given a number from 1-50 which they wear during the show, before each round a random number generator picks which students will take part in the next game.

One of the schools wear blue t-shirts and the other wears yellow. The colours were originally green and orange. They sit opposite each other in raised seating while the game takes place in between them. Most of the children will not get an opportunity to play in a game, but there are question rounds and observation rounds where points are won by the number of correct answers. The games usually consist of inflatable obstacle courses similar to those found in Get Your Own Back, Fun House and Run the Risk.

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