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Year 1998
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Country United Kingdom


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Xchange was a factual entertainment BBC television programme for children. It was broadcast initially on BBC Two and later the CBBC Channel. The programme was (mostly) transmitted live from studio TC2 at BBC Television Centre. Towards the end of the show, it was recorded the day before broadcasting.

The show featured a website where users can sign-up to collect points, and also could gain points for being a caller on the show. People who obtained 1000 points could enter a draw to appear on the show and be a "Gold X-IDer" in the studio. In a later series, the 1000 points could also be traded in to have a presenter host a part of the show from an X-IDer's house for a week.

Xchange featured celebrities, music performances, comedy and games. Featured celebrities included Girls Aloud, Daniel Bedingfield, Hilary Duff and Verbalicious . A weekly discussion point, branded sequentially as "The Big One" / "Backchat" / "Sticky Situations", was where viewers gave their thoughts and opinions on a topic. The "Xperts" item featured viewers who reviewed new movies, games, books and music. The "Dream On" strand endeavoured to make the dreams or ambitions of some of the programme's viewers come true.

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