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Year 1996
Channel channel
Country United Kingdom

Snug and Cozi

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Snug and Cozi was a children's ITV slapstick comedy series about 2 aliens who had crah landed on earth by mistake and met a new friend called Emily.

Snug and Cozi are two aliens, from the planet squadge. After an asteroid hits their pink spaceship, they crash on earth and are stranded, they become friends with a girl named Emily who decides to look after them and hide them in her dad's garden shed (Later a summer house in series 2) away from other people. Snug and Cozi do not speak English they speak their own language called squidge, which is just talking gibberish with the odd one or two English words. Each episode features Snug and Cozi trying to do an everyday task, having an adventure or going outside with Emily and failing hilariously or causing chaos in a slapstick way, such as running a bath, going to the seaside or stopping a burglar from stealing from someones house.

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