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Year 1991
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Country United Kingdom
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Get Your Own Back

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Get Your Own Back was a children's television gameshow produced by CBBC, which ran from 26 September 1991 to 31 March 2003. Get Your Own Back developed through various formats over the years, but has been based around team games - however the main principle of the show has remained throughout: revenge. The show consisted of two teams (the first series had three) where the child contestants and a parent/relative/older sibling/teacher/celebrity who in the child's eyes had committed some sort of crime, that they wanted to seek revenge for. These 'crimes' were usually trivial, such as singing badly or asking the child to tidy their room.

Dave and the audience always showed bias against the grown-up by booing the oppressed as much as possible. The games were always designed to make things difficult or unpleasant for the grown-ups. They often had them dressed in embarrassing costumes.

Throughout every series the final round was called the "Gunk Dunk", where the losing adult was always thrown into a pool of colourful gunge.

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