Year 1998
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Country United States
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Misha Belenkoff (Tony Shalhoub), a Russian immigrant and former literature teacher, is living in America and working as a janitor at an animal testing lab in California. There he encounters Paulie, a blue-crowned conure, who astonishingly speaks to him in perfect English. Paulie, however, does not talk when Belenkoff brings witnesses. Misha persuades Paulie to tell his story with pieces of mango. Paulie tells Belenkoff about his real owner, a little girl named Marie Alweather (Hallie Kate Eisenberg), and how he was given to her by her grandfather. Marie has a speech problem for she stutters, but is delighted when playing with Paulie. Marie's father, Warren (Matt Craven), is a soldier and away from home, while her mother, Lila (Laura Harrington), is at home. Marie is an only child. Eventually, Warren does return home. He is happy to see Marie for the first time in a long time, but is startled to see her stutter. When Warren and Lila send her to speech therapy, Marie successfully overcomes her stutter because of Paulie, who learns speech during the therapy. However, Paulie only speaks around Marie. As the months pass, Marie makes no friends and Warren grows concerned about this. He is also concerned that Marie may be spending too much time with Paulie, and not socializing with other children her age. That night, Marie takes Paulie to her house's roof and attempts to teach him to fly in case they separate. Unfortunately, she falls off the roof. After this tramautic event, Warren sends Paulie away. Paulie is passed from one owner to another, eventually ending up in a pawn shop, where he spends his time insulting the customers—including one named Benny (Jay Mohr)—and the pawnbroker, Artie (Buddy Hackett), until he is purchased by a widowed artist named Ivy (Gena Rowlands). She befriends him and agrees to take him to find Marie, who has moved across the country to Los Angeles. Their mission comes to a premature end as Ivy loses her eyesight. Paulie remains as Ivy's eyes until she eventually passes away. Afterward he finally learns to fly and continues his journey alone. In East Los Angeles, Paulie joins a group of performing conures owned by Ignacio (Cheech Marin) but is kidnapped by Benny (Mohr), who recognized Paulie from the pawn shop, and begins a life of crime. In a botched jewel theft, Paulie flies down through the chimney of a house but is trapped inside and abandoned. Paulie is then brought to the institute, his cu

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Tony Shalhoub
Tony Shalhoub
Misha Vilyenkov
Cheech Marin
Cheech Marin
Bruce Davison
Bruce Davison
Dr. Reingold

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