Year 1997
Studio studio
Country United States

Cats Don't Dance

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The film takes place in 1939 Hollywood, during the golden age of cinema. An ambitious young cat named Danny, who dreams of becoming a movie star, travels from his small hometown of Kokomo, Indiana to Hollywood. There, Danny finds animal talent agent Farley Wink and his secretary, a sassy and cynical lady cat named Sawyer, with whom Danny falls in love. Danny is admitted into a small role in the latest film featuring child actress Darla Dimple, "America's Sweetheart, Lover of Children and Animals." He is enthusiastic until he realizes the role's insignificance. Determined to become more central, he takes matters into his own hands, turning his one line of "meow" into an impressive bit of music, but in doing so, he upstages Darla Dimple. She immediately orders filming to stop, showing her true side; cruel and obnoxious. She sends her valet, Max (a massive, rigid parody of Erich von Stroheim's portrayal of Max von Mayerling from Sunset Boulevard[2][3]) to make Danny stick with the script.

Top Cast (view more)
Jasmine Guy
Jasmine Guy
Natalie Cole
Natalie Cole
Sawyer (singing voice)
Ashley Peldon
Ashley Peldon
Darla Dimple

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