Year 1995
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Country United States


I Remember This!
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A young spunky piglet, named Gordy (Justin Garms), lives on Meadow Brook Farm somewhere in Arkansas. After his father is taken up North to an undetermined fate (in Gordy's point of view anyway), the piglet learns from the farm's rooster that his mother and siblings were taken while he pursued his father. Determined to locate his family and return to the farm, Gordy heads out alone to find them. He eventually ends up in the care of Jinnie Sue MacAllister (Kristy Young), a young upbeat country singer who lives in a camper van with her also country singer father, Luke (Doug Stone), and their "manager", Cousin Jake (Tom Lester). Jinnie Sue, not knowing Gordy's name, calls him Pinky.

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Doug Stone
Doug Stone
Luke MaCallister
Kristy Young
Jinnie Sue MaCallister
James Donadio
James Donadio
Gilbert Sipes
Deborah Hobart
Deborah Hobart
Jessica Royce

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