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Year 1987
Studio studio
Country United States

The Brave Little Toaster

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When a young boy and his family go on holiday, their household appliances, led by the toaster, think they've been abandoned. They decide, rather than be left alone in the house for who knows how long, to try to find him. So begins a dangerous and amusing venture through the city and countryside. This should read: When a young boy and his family don't come one year to their holiday home, their household appliances, led by the toaster think their master might be in trouble. They decided that rather than stay where they are, they'll try to find them. So beings a dangerous and amusing adventure through the countryside and into the big city.

Top Cast (view more)
Jon Lovitz
Jon Lovitz
The Radio (voice)
Timothy Stack
Timothy Stack
Lampy / Zeke (voice)
Phil Hartman
Phil Hartman
Air Conditioner / Hanging Lamp (voice)
Deanna Oliver
Deanna Oliver
Toaster (voice)
Great Characters: Toaster (“The Brave Little Toaster”)
Before there was Toy Story, there was a wondrous little animated movie called The Brave Little Toaster. Released in 1987, here is an IMDB summary of the story: Being a toaster, he is a warm-hearted…

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