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Year 1989
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Country United Kingdom

Rolf's Cartoon Club

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Rolf's Cartoon Club was a television show presented by Rolf Harris on CITV between 1989 and 1993.

The show had some similarities to Harris' earlier BBC programme, Rolf's Cartoon Time, in that it saw him introducing cartoons and drawing pictures of characters from them. The cartoons shown were mostly those of Warner Bros., but included animations from Raymond Briggs and John Lasseter. Rolf also explored animation techniques and gave viewers tips for making their own cartoons at home.

Rolf's Cartoon Club was, as well as being a television programme, also an actual club that viewers could join. Members received a club badge featuring the "Rolfaroo" character, as well as regular newsletters featuring information on the television programme. John Lasseter was club member number one.

For much of Cartoon Club, Rolf was seated in the "Cartoon Cockpit", a studio with an easel and various art and animation equipment. Part of each programme, however, was given over to the workshop, where Rolf would assist a group of club members in making their own animation.

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