Year 2002
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Country United Kingdom

Engie Benjy

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Engie Benjy was a pre-school children's television show, broadcast on ITV's children's strand, CITV. Engie Benjy is a blue haired boy, a mechanic who helps fix problems with his friends' vehicles. His dog is Jollop. Other characters include Pilot Pete and Astronaut Al. The vehicles included in the show are a van (Dan the van), a bus, a bike, a plane, a boat, a tractor and a spaceship.
Engie Benjy has a few catch phrases: "whadda-we-do-Dan?", "This is an emergency!" and "Great work team!" Engie also has a song he sings when solving a problem: "There's a problem here without a doubt, let's look around and check it out... Spin the screws, hear the hum, check the temperature.." before Jenny joins in singing "Make a mess, break stuff, whack the dummy with a bat...."

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