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Year 1980
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Country United States

Thundarr the Barbarian

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Thundarr the Barbarian is a Saturday morning animated television series, created by Steve Gerber and produced by Ruby-Spears Productions. The series ran 2 seasons, 19801981 and 19811982. Action figures of the three main characters were released by Toynami in 2004.

The hero Thundarr (voiced by Robert Ridgely), a muscular warrior, was meant to be strongly akin to the comic book characters Thor the God of Thunder and Conan The Barbarian. In this setting, Thundarr and his companions Princess Ariel, a formidable young sorceress, and the Wookiee-like Ookla the Mok traveled the world on horseback, battling evil wizards who combine magical spells with technologies from the pre-catastrophe world.

Other enemies include The Brotherhood of Night (a group of werewolves who could transform others into their werewolves by simple touch), the cosmic Stalker from The Stars (a predatory, malevolent cosmic vampire), humanoid lizards and mutants. Intelligent humanoid-animal races include the rat-like Groundlings, the crocodile-like Carocs, and the cat-like Moks.

Top Cast
Robert Ridgely
Dick Tufeld
Henry Corden
Henry Corden
Ookla the Mok
Nellie Bellflower
Princess Ariel

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