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Year 1995
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Country United Kingdom


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Fantomcat was an animated series produced by Cosgrove Hall Films, it was first broadcast in 1995 and was animated after Avenger Penguins in 1994 by Alfonso Productions, a Spanish based animation studio. It aired largely on Children's ITV. The show also had a brief run on Pop. It was produced and directed by Ben Turner.

Fantomcat centres on the character Phillipe Lentheric Guerlain de Givenchy, the Duke of Fantom, a masked swashbuckling hero who thrived in 1699, in mortal combat with his arch nemesis Baron Von Skeltar (basically a sword-wielding caped Skeletoid alchemist). De Fantom was treacherously cast into a painting within the halls of his house Castle De Fantom, and became trapped for centuries. As time passed, the area around Castle De Fantom became a bustling metropolis called Metro City, a city submerged in crime rings led by the fiendish arachnid Marmagora.

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