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Year 2001
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Country United Kingdom
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The Cramp Twins

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The Cramp Twins is an animated series created by cartoonist Brian Wood. The show was produced in association with Cartoon Network Europe. It is about Lucien Cramp (Kath Soucie) and Wayne Cramp (Tom Kenny), not-so identical twins who live with their hygiene-obsessed mother (Nicole Oliver) and their Western-obsessed father (Ian James Corlett) in the fictional town of Soap City. Wayne and Lucien's personalities clash, and they rarely get along. Wayne has a friend called Dirty Joe (Lee Tockar), who owns a dump, and neighbour Wendy Winkle (Jayne Peterson) has a crush on him, but he hates her. Wayne's and Lucien's teacher is Miss. Hillary Hissy (Demi Buchanan, who also plays Tony's mom Lily and Mrs. Winkle). Lucien's friends include environment-friendly Tony Parsons (Terry Klassen who also plays Tony's dad, Seth) and Mari and Luke Harrison (Adam Little).

Top Cast (view more)
Ian James Corlett
Ian James Corlett
Horace Cramp (voice)
Tom Kenny
Tom Kenny
Wayne Cramp (voice)
Cathy Weseluck
Cathy Weseluck
Miss Hilary Hissy (voice)
Tabitha St. Germain
Tabitha St. Germain
Mari Phelps (voice)

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