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Maisy is an animated series developed by Nickelodeon from 19992001 and aired on Noggin (now Nick Jr.) from April 1, 2002 to November 2007. As of November 3, 2008, the series airs during weekdays on Qubo at 9:00 AM & 12:00 PM (ET). It uses a reggae-influenced theme song and voice characterizations by the Umbilical Brothers. The British version of the show features Neil Morrissey as narrator, and he also sings on the theme tune. Maisy has adventures and plays with her friends Charley the Crocodile, Tallulah the Baby Chicken, Cyril Squirrel, and Eddie Elephant. Maisy lives in a yellow house with a red roof. A mellow-voiced announcer narrates the action and communicates with the characters while the animals go through their paces without speaking; they instead grunt, yowl, mumble, moan, and make various odd sounds and noises. Only the narrator can understand them. The animated series keeps the two-dimensional visual style of the books. It was produced by PolyGram Television and later as Universal Television when PolyGram folded into Universal.

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Neil Morrissey
Neil Morrissey

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