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There were 13 episodes in the series, and the series lasted one season. Reruns of the show were aired on both Disney Channel and Toon Disney. Each of the 13 episodes would feature one new "Marsupilami" short, then one short either featuring Sebastian the Crab or Shnookums and Meat, and then an old "Marsupilami" short, from "Raw Toonage". As of 2009, there have been two other animated adaptations of the Marsupilami.

The original Marsupilami comic stories by Franquin never included a recurring gorilla or elephant character, since these species are native to Africa, while the marsupilami in the comic version was said to come from South America (However, in the album "Le dictateur et le champignon", the Marsupilami escaped from his cell on a boat along with a gorilla). Another change is that the animated Marsupilami can speak, whereas his comic counterpart can only mimic sound like a parrot.

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