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Year 1997
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Country United States

Men in Black: The Series

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MIB: The Series was based on the 1997 blockbuster Men In Black and continued where the film left off, though with some minor changes. Agent K remained an agent[2] and partner to Agent J (although a Marvel Comics one-shot revealed that K's memories were restored in an unseen case). Agent L was moved to the lab inside MiB Headquarters. The headquarters itself was no longer under the ventilator building of the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, but now at what looked like a disused area under LaGuardia airport. These differences are possibly addressed in one episode of the series, where it is revealed that every so often some writer or Hollywood-type learns of the MIB and makes a movie about them, possibly hinting that the live-action movie was one of these incidents. There were some further differences in appearances in the characters in the cartoon. Agent L had blond hair, blue eyes and a different hairstyle, Agent J did not have a mustache, Edgar bug (in a Flashback sequence) was given an appearance that resembled his look in the comic adaptation of the film instead of his movie appearance, and Zed in the movie had black hair and a goatee, whereas in the series he had white hair and no goatee. Zed's eyes were dramatically shaded in to give an impression of a lack of sleep. After season one, Agent K also received a facial redesign that made him appear younger, with the lines in his face removed, his eye color changed from brown to blue, and his hair was changed from gray-brown to regular-brown. While the film had a semi-comedic tone, the series was more dramatic.

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