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Dumb and Dumber

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Dumb and Dumber is an Hanna-Barbera-produced animated series based on the hit 1994 comedy film of the same name. The animated series premiered in 1995 on the ABC television network, as part of its Saturday morning cartoon lineup. The cartoon revolves around the continued misadventures of Harry and Lloyd after reacquiring their van (the Dogmobile). It also features a new character, Kitty, a female pet purple beaver who appears to be smarter than both men.

Matt Frewer provided the voice of Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey's character in the movie), while Bill Fagerbakke voiced the character of Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels' character in the movie). The animated series was written by Bennett Yellin, co-writer of the original film. The series was cancelled after one season. In Britain the series was screened on the Cartoon Network before receiving terrestrial airings on Channel 4 (unlike The Mask: The Animated Series and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, both of which were shown by the BBC).

A tape containing some episodes of the show, including Dumb Luck, was released in Australia and Russia in the 1990s, but in the United States, there were never any tapes of the show released on home video.

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