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Simon and the Witch

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Simon and the Witch is the name of a children's book by Margaret Stuart Barry, published by Collins, illustrated by Linda Birch. It is also generally used as the name of the series which follows on. Simon is a very sensible young schoolboy who has a friend who is a real witch. She is very silly, and a huge showoff.

In 1985, the first of the stories (The Backwards Spell) was dramatised for Children's BBC and shown as a one-off episode (called Simon and the Witch) in the second series of Up Our Street, a series of unrelated wacky stories, each with a different cast and writer, linked only by the unnamed 'street' of the title.

In 1987, the books were made into a television series for Children's BBC consisting of 25 fifteen-minute episodes, starring Elizabeth Spriggs as the Witch and Hugh Pollard as Simon. Guest stars included Joan Sims and a young Nicola Stapleton.

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