We are Nostalgia Kids. Originally started in 2010, as a website to showcase TV shows and movies from the 90s by a small group of people, it has since grown into something much bigger. We provide the best service for all things TV and movie nostalgia, while supporting the original creators who choose to make their content available online today.

Sourcing nostalgia

Our community helped to build and maintain our fantastic TV shows and movies from decades past. By adding their favourites, they were helping others to find theirs.

Relive your early years

We bring nostalgia to you, legally. We all love nostalgia, but it is usually difficult to know where to find it online. We make it easy to stream, rent or buy the nostalgia you love, all while supporting the original creators.

Discover classics

You can quickly find the TV shows and movies of your childhood right here, with YouTube clips, images and tags to help you track down your memories.

I want to help!

Whether you'd like to help create or manage our playlists, or add a large list of shows and movies, we would love to hear from you! Just send an email to [email protected] or Tweet us

Nostalgia Kids

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