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The Demon Headmaster

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Dinah Glass moves in with the Hunter family and starts going to the same school as her foster brothers Lloyd and Harvey. It''s not easy, as they seem to hate her, and school is really strange. Pupils suddenly talk like robots and do weird things, even Dinah finds herself acting oddly. She''s sure the headmaster has some kind of power over them, and is determined to find out more. But the Demon Headmaster is equally determined to stop her!

Based on Gillian Cross''s books ''The Demon Headmaster'' and ''The Prime Minister''s Brain''. Adapted for television by Helen Cresswell.

The Demon Headmaster was a television series, made for CBBC, based on the children’s The Demon Headmaster books by Gillian Cross. The show ran twice weekly from January 1996 to January 1998.

A notable fact from the TV series is that the only character who wear glasses of any kind is the Headmaster himself: he is only able to hypnotise people when he removes these.

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